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by Matt Charboneau

$99 per person

includes the free

40 page pocket

field guide!

2 hours

Sign Surveys!

This is how you do it. 

This is a must-have for every person involved in any way with the sign process.

It defines the purpose of a survey, who uses the information, and how it can affect the entire process if details are not obtained accurately.

It explores the survey tasks; what to include, what to avoid, and the wisdom to know the difference.

More importantly, it assigns ownership to the surveyor for the details they provide the company, and the effects that bad surveys have on your bottom line.

Contact me for more specifics on this very informative and enlightening class.


The Electric Sign 

Design Process...


per hour / person

All in one day, or one hour per day

for five days








5 hours

Take a walk through a typical sign project from the initial survey to install, presented in a "how monument signs are made" conversational format, with graphics, illustrations and real life examples of monument projects from 35 years of sign industry perspective.

It's THE primer that every sign shop owner can use to ensure that their key employees understand the 

complexities of electric signage, without being bogged down in a sea of details.

Architects, GC's and EGD's will also find it to be invaluable in the way it addresses challenges that are typically faced by sign companies.

Contact me for more specifics on this very unique training for your key team members:


The Electric Sign 

Design Training Course...


per hour / person

Add a second designer for $99 per hour

Two day course, or on-going per day or week, based on the designers schedule

10 hours

A more in-depth look at the process, specifically developed for the commercial sign designer.


Q:  Do you have a commercial sign designer with a good grasp of basic sign face layout skills - and you would like them to learn how to design electric signs?

Q:  Does your electric sign designer need a little help in certain areas like drawing foundations, proper dimensioning for the sign industry or how to organize and manage details and specifications on a drawing?


Q:  Does your sign designer want to learn?


Designers will be primed on the process; how to take a salespersons design request and turn it into a set of sign drawings.

The examples below illustrate the type of monument packet that the student will be shown how to create.

Learn how to create

a mall signage packet just like this example!

Placement Illustration.png

Examples of

a Mall Packet

Classes are conducted via Zoom, and information is presented in a casual, conversational style that allows the designer to follow along, and ask questions when needed.

The core value of this training is the way in which the information is presented, focusing on "this is why we do it this way" so the designer not only understands what to do, they understand how it affects the project.

Topics covered can be customized per your designers actual design skill needs, such as:

- Proper dimensioning for the sign industry

- Stick-built vs cabinet kits (why and when to use each)

- Foundations, footers and supports

- Visibility vs readability in electric sign design

- Designing within budget

Contact me for more specifics on this very unique designer skills training:



Illustration Skills

for Sign Designers...


per hour / person

Add a second designer for $99

per hour

This course is designed to be on-going, based on the needs of the designer, and the goals set for attaining new skills in CorelDRAW

10 hours

Q:  Does your designer have a good eye for designing electric signage, but simply needs to be shown how to implement some of the advanced tools and techniques that are available to them through CorelDRAW?

Q:  Do you want to move from another design software into CorelDRAW and need an introduction into using the software?


Your designer will be virtually sitting next a 35 year sign veteran who has used CorelDRAW since it was "Corel II" back in 1990.  


This is live, one-on-one training, to help them become the designer you need on staff who can eventually grow and advance in their abilities to be able to handle almost any electric sign project opportunity.

This course plants the seeds of technical capability for maximizing the designers creativity.

A phone interview, along with review of the designers work will determine the best topics

and techniques to focus on.

Contact me for more specifics on this very unique and highly specialized CorelDRAW training:


Offering 4 Training Classes 

The Sign Survey Course

Electric Sign Process

Electric Sign Design Training

Advanced CorelDRAW 



In all sincerity I want to say Thank You.  Who knew a phone call to you would lead to developing a process that has transformed me from Sales Person to a Sales Professional.  With your coaching, direction, guidance, and paraphrased words I have been experiencing a level of success I've never had before. Do you remember the apartment complex lead I thought was a waste of time? You helped me see why the lead was not a waste of time and with your direction a process unfolded unlike any I've ever experienced.  In my first meeting with the prospect I  secured a $5000.00 consulting contract without giving away anything.  We celebrated that moment and I was in shock, I did not invest my time with the "Hope" of securing a contract or project.  It turns out that consulting contract lead to an $18,000 sign fabrication contract, when that was completed the customer came to me with 14 additional apartment complexes that need signage. We entered into a consulting contract at a fee of $28,000, this will in turn lead to 14 fabrication contracts.  Through this whole process I've held steadfast in your and guidance and your coaching.  We are actively working with my customer and I'll follow up with you to share how it all pans out.  


Your help and direction has made my month, my year, my future a success.  I use that one example since it was the lead that led us to working together and it's my biggest success with one client thus far.  In truth everything you've shared with me I use daily and I am experiencing an abundance of smaller successes.    I cannot express how deeply thankful I am for you and what you done for me.  As a Sales Professional I'm rarely at a loss for words, as I write this the only words I can use to express how I genuinely feel are -- Thank You.

Very Truly Yours, 

Sheldon F. Sigala

Sheldon F. Sigala  owner

Pasadena Sign Company

(The Pre Sale Sign Survey Field guide, written and published by Matt Charboneau) 

"A powerful tool that will help everyone in our industry, from the seasoned sign veteran of 25 years to the rookie; this truly is a must read.  In today's fast paced, multi-task world, the field survey is often taken for granted and this book has managed to make it's importance clear, concise and easy to understand"

Rich Heaton

Signarama Hall-of-Fame member

Transworld Business Advisors

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