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My name is

Matt Charboneau  


I help business owners develop and improve their graphic identities with logos, signs and marketing graphics that maintain readability

in all forms of advertising / social media.




Providing Solutions for all 

types of Sign and Design

Challenges... since 1985!

- Sign Design Presentations 

- Illustrations  (day / night / 3D)

- Estimating Files

- Fabrication and Install Files

- Engineering Approval Files

- Feasibility Study Design


Graphic Design

for Start-Ups or

Existing Businesses

- Logo Design

- Identity Graphics

- Logo Updating and Clean-up

- Logo Make-Over and Repair

- Logo Complete Overhauling


- Design Standards

- Product Illustrations

- Marketing Graphics

- and so much more...


I developed a way to produce semi-photo-realistic day and night view illustrations quickly using CorelDRAW.

How it works...

I will ask you questions about your project.


I will listen...

I will absorb...

I will analyze...

I will evaluate all the aspects that affect the project and become immersed in your plans for how you intend to conquer this sign, graphic design or logo design challenge.


I will ask the hard questions to get the right answers about all of the mechanical and intangible realities that affect the project.


I will provide you a design strategy that makes it easy for your prospect to choose your company... over your competitor.

Contact me...

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you with your designs or illustrations, please send me a confidential email and we can discuss your next project... and how I might be able to help you win that project.



Sign Design Training for

New Designers and or

Commercial Sign Designers...


Over the years, I have noticed that many great, talented in-house sign designers simply have not had the opportunity to learn the basics of sign design: 

-Page layout

-Title Block Management

-Sign Face Layout 


-Message Dominance

-Flow, Spacing and Fonts 

-Contrast / Color Balance 

-Kerning and much more!


So, a few years ago

I created the:

Sign Design Institute

to provide a way to teach sign designers the basics of sign design, and to help them along the way as they begin to explore different aspects of sign design.

Proper sign design skills are so very important for a sign designer, and must be in-place before the designer can provide your customer with drawings that are effective, pleasing to the eye and readable.

A Training Example...


Where does the eye go when someone views a sign?


Which parts of a sign are read first, which are read second, and which are ignored?

This is one of the training tools I use to help new designers understand the importance of sign design face layout, dominance, balance, color, readability, etc.

As your designer advances,

so does their training

There are a lot of areas to cover, and sign designers need a well rounded understanding of how the sign industry uses design files and presentations for sales, estimating, fabrication and installation.  Your designer will grow in their abilities to handle larger, more complex projects by being more aware of how their contribution affects every persons role in the sign company.


Once they are ready, we can move beyond the basics of design, past the skills required for commercial design and into the basics of the electric sign industry.

Electric Sign Design Training

from the ground up

Aluminum and materials sizes, components, pipes, saddles, reveals... we explore the electric sign design world from the ground up, providing the foundations of sign fabrication and installation that are the industry norms and standards - taught from a sales/design/fab perspective.

Sign Design Standards - customized, branded templates that explain where and which details are needed for each sign type.

The basics start with planning by creating an easy-to-replicate design platform

Making the sign design look good is one thing, placing it on a page correctly, professionally and efficiently is a completely different discipline. 


I provide the title block standards, customized to your process for your designer to use as a road map.  Not to mention, it's a live, editable series of documents with the actual PDF templates and instructions on what to place on the page, where, and why.


As your company grows, and you have the need to hire new designers, you will have a working training and implementation document (with page by page instructions) that any new designer can utilize to hit the ground running for creating sign designs and presentations that follow your brand.



..."so much so that with his expert guidance, one of the very first monument sign projects I would work on at that company earned a first-place international sign design award. That is how incredibly knowledgeable Matt is and how gifted he is at conveying what he knows about this industry".

Elisa St. John Parker

Owner - Elisa St. John Graphic Design

Wondering how the training works?

I offer a free training demonstration so you and your designer understand how it works and what it's like

Send me an email at


and we can arrange for a quick preview on how the whole training process works.

Here are a few examples

of some of my sign illustrations

Logo Designs

If You or Your Customer

Need a New Logo...

"No Cost Free Look"

I offer a very unique way for you to test-drive my creative design skills, without cost or

obligation, and it works like this:


Step 1:  After we have a chance to talk about your business; who it serves and what it offers, we agree on a design price and I put my creativity to work to provide you 3 rough outline concepts to choose from.

If you don't like any of them, there is no charge to you.

We part company as friends and you can search for another designer with a creative style that better fits your expectations. 

Step 2:  If you like one or all of the concepts and you feel I am able to capture the look you want, then we agree on a direction and style for the logo, and I get to work creating a logo design that is not only effective, but is also one that you and your customers will like.

This is just a small sampling that illustrates my wide range of styles and approaches to logo design.

Hand Lettering


I entered the sign industry as a self-taught sign painter in 1985.  Over the years I have helped hundreds of businesses with their signage, logos and marketing graphics.  I've won a few design awards, and taken pride in watching many of the companies I've helped grow to become nationally known.

I've been a write for S&DG magazine since 2007 as the Monument Sign Technical Advisor  (they are now called Graphics Pro Magazine) and I have published a book on how to conduct a proper sign survey.  Give me a shout, I'll send you the info on how to get one for your company.  


I live in the mountains of Colorado, at the base of Storm Mountain, where I gain creative inspiration from the beauty and grandeur that God has provided me with being blessed enough to be living here in the amazingly beautiful Colorado Rockies. 

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