My name is

Matt Charboneau  

(shar-bo-no) and since 1985

I have helped business owners develop their graphic identities with logos, signs and all sorts of point-of-sale graphics.

Sign design services

for sign shops...

with a designer!

I assist sign shop owners in landing those larger, occasionally challenging sign or monument projects that come along.


I do this with dynamic day and night view sign design illustrations for their sales presentations, as well as providing the necessary shop files used for estimating, fabrication and install. 

I developed a way to produce semi-photo-realistic day/night view illustrations quickly and easily using CorelDRAW. 


As we all know, time adds to cost so efficiency in both design and speed are essential.  I developed a process that allows estimating and fabrication vector files to flow easily from the illustrations.

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you with your designs, drop me an email and we can discuss your next project... and how I might be able to help.



Hey Matt,

Could you help my designer...


Over the years, I have noticed that many great, talented in-house sign designers simply do not have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base. Sure, it's kept me busy providing designs that they didn't understand how create, but so many of them were just so very close to becoming a more-informed designer.


Some designers have never been taught the basics of sign design

like page layout, space management, face layout, message dominance, contrast and color balance. Those skills are so very important, and must be in-place before the designer can provide your sales team drawings that actually make the sales process easier.

Sign Design Standards - customized, branded templates that explain where and which details are needed for each sign type.

Then there are those designers who are ready to increase their skill sets into larger, more complex projects - such as electric signage and all that it entails - and as we all know, that can be a very intimidating hill to climb. 


I understand this struggle because I had to travel that road myself... it's not a fun ride, and going it alone is very difficult because it takes a village of sign design professionals who are willing to sit down and share their knowledge... freely, honestly and frankly.  


So, a few years ago

I created the:

Sign Design Institute

to help the newbie and or experienced commercial sign designer take the leap from commercial to electrical sign design in channel letters, wall cabinets, blades, pylons and monuments.


Helping the designer to build on their own foundational plateau's of design provides a sense of accomplishment that nurtures the desire to learn more. 


For example; understanding how material sizes affects fabrication costs... it provides the designer a new road map to follow for guiding their creativity - I call it "keeping your vision between the lines". 


Ahhh, to see the look on a designers face when the light bulbs go on and they finally understand those aspects of sign design that were always a mystery to them.

It's a beautiful thing!


..."so much so that with his expert guidance, one of the very first monument sign projects I would work on at that company earned a first-place international sign design award. That is how incredibly knowledgeable Matt is and how gifted he is at conveying what he knows about this industry".

Elisa St. John Parker

Owner - Elisa St. John Graphic Design

Your designer learns by watching and interacting... live on Zoom!

It's one-on-one, live, hands-on interactive learning. The designer gets to watch, ask and obtain answers to all of the questions about sign design they've wondered about.


And it's not just electrical sign design training - I can start your designer from the beginning, emphasizing the basics of good design, proper call-out protocols, proper page organization and how to create day and night views quickly for maximizing their productivity. 


I teach using one of your

design projects!

More importantly, I walk them through the steps of design using one of your actual pending sign design projects, so you end up with a design that you will be able to estimate and present to your customer.  

Designers learn the

How and the Why of design

Your designers become better designers that could eventually produce the same types of drawings themselves - without my help - because they will learn why certain things must be done, and in which order, to ensure smooth transitions into fabrication and installation.  


Training is provided

one hour at a time.

That means you are in total control of your investment.  No long term commitments that can wear-down an already over-committed designer - who in the long run may have time constraints that can limit their study time. 


Your designer will be evaluated on their skill sets and capabilities so that their training builds upon that which they already know, at a pace they can handle, and you can afford.

Do you have more

than one designer?

Not a problem... if both are close to the same skill level, we will look at the scope of the training needed and determine a workable rate so that both of them can learn simultaneously... which doubles the value of your investment without doubling the cost. 

Free training demonstration

Send me an email at


and we can arrange for a quick preview on how the whole training process works. 



Are you only needing

design services?

No problem!

Send me an email at: 

Matt@StormMountainSigns.com and lets talk!  Take a look at the examples I have shown. I can provide more examples of illustrations, shop drawings and a host of other presentation files I've created, if needed. 

We can work together to get you exactly what your project needs!

Logo Designs

If You or Your Customer

Need a New Logo...

"No Cost Free Look"

I offer a very unique way for you to test-drive my creative design skills, without cost or

obligation, and it works like this:


Step 1:  After we have a chance to talk about your business; who it serves and what it offers, we agree on a design price and I put my creativity to work to provide you 3 rough outline concepts to choose from.

If you don't like any of them, there is no charge to you.

We part company as friends and you can search for another designer with a creative style that better fits your expectations. 

Step 2:  If you like one or all of the concepts and you feel I am able to capture the look you want, then we agree on a direction and style for the logo, and I get to work creating a logo design that is not only effective, but is also one that you and your customers will like.

This is just a small sampling that illustrates my wide range of styles and approaches to logo design.

Hand Lettering

Then there are the

design do's and don'ts

Like which details are needed for estimating, engineering, permitting and especially the proper layout of sign face design for effective readability and build-ability. 


Aluminum fabrication mistakes are not as easily fixed as reprinting the graphic... most designers understand this, so I provide the groundwork for understanding the process, to verify accuracy before sending the files to fabrication.


I entered the sign industry as a self-taught sign painter in 1985.  Over the years I have helped hundreds of businesses with their signage, logos and marketing graphics.  I've won a few design awards, and taken pride in watching many of the companies I've helped grow to become nationally known.

I've been a write for S&DG magazine since 2007 as the Monument Sign Technical Advisor  (they are now called Graphics Pro Magazine) and I have published a book on how to conduct a proper sign survey.  Give me a shout, I'll send you the info on how to get one for your company.  


I live in the mountains of Colorado, at the base of Storm Mountain, where I gain creative inspiration from the beauty and grandeur that God has provided me with being blessed enough to be living here in the amazingly beautiful Colorado Rockies. 

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